Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Ella

In my previous post "A Different Child" my friend Bree posted a comment that she will always remember my girls with me (in response to me saying that everyone else will forget them).  I really appreciated that comment and it's fitting that I just now saw it there when I was about to post this for her daughter Ella.

Today would be Ella's 1 year birthday, had she lived.  Had she been a tiny miracle that made it - like the Duggars (you know - with the 18 other kids) are so lucky to have.  Ella was born at 23.3 weeks.  And she was born the day before I found out we lost Liliana.  Bree and I met in a support group and have very much been there for each other on this rough journey.  Coincidently, we are due with our rainbow babies only 2 days apart.  It is crazy how the world works sometimes.    I feel so blessed to have Bree in my life.  It feels so much less lonely when you have someone to count on through motherhood complications.

Anyway - Kaelyn and I made cupcakes and celebrated Ella's birthday.  We are so sad that she is not here, but we also know that we would not know Bree and her future baby if she was.  So we will be thankful for that.  And think of Ella always.

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  1. Oh my goodness. They are beautiful! I love the colors- silver sage and chocolate? And, I see the butterfly on the plate, as well. You are so great with details. My heart is full today. It was so nice to know so many people were remembering Ella with us.

    I love K's hair- did she get a cut?